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Nightfall Transfer Fee to EG Revealed!

Dethan Dario

It turned out that Nightfall cost EG a lot of money to join them in the Upper Division of DPC NA. There’s a lot in total!

DPC 2021 had undergone halfway, yet EG still doesn’t seem to have found their chemistry yet.

Even though they have been strengthened by Jerax and Nightfall, they are still struggling and have suffered 2 defeats. Many predict that they will shine in 2022.

However, it turned out that Nightfall’s transfer cost the NA team a lot of money.

According to a Telegram insider via Hawk.live, EG spent $125,000 to get Nightfall.

According to the site, this transfer fee is the largest in the CIS region for Dota 2 players.

Previously, RodjER also had approximately the same fee as Nightfall. However, some of the cost is were covered by the player himself.

The pressure now would be even greater for Nightfall after his transfer fee had been leaked to the public. Maybe this can also be the beginning of a surge in motivation for the EG squad who are still underperforming.

However, this leak could also be the tipping point of destruction for EG, which is no longer harmonious due to increasingly strong pressure from various directions.

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