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Did You Know? You Can Sprint on Stairs Silently

Dethan Dario

Yep, you can quickly run on stairs without getting heard!


In case you didn’t know, any player can rush through any stairs sneakily. A Valorant player has recently discovered climbing a stairs without creating any noise.

This kind of movement is crucial as it dictates sneaky positioning in terms of both retaking and flanking a site.

For attackers, any player can sneak through flanks, or even sneakily enter a site with both speed and silence. Meanwhile, defenders can utilize this new discovery by doing the same thing, especially in rotating to a site.


The Pied Facer, a Valorant player, has recently gone viral for his clip showing this discovery. This player showed how one can run, and even jump through any stairs in full silence.

Normally, such quick movement would create a noisy sound which would alert enemies. In his case, it was otherwise.

According to The Pied Facer, you can replicate such movement by binding walk to your space bar. However, it remains unclear whether players can also replicate the movement by trying a different binding.


However, for players who are still using their spacebar as their jump key, this movement is definitely viable.

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