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OG Twitter Manager Protests Skem’s Nickname

Vberni Regalado

The Twitter manager of OG protested the nickname that Skem used to play in public games, because it sounded “crass” even in Dota.

OG Twitter Manager

Skem was a hard support player for the rising BOOM due to their victories in Division 1. They managed to beat OB.Neon and Fnatic, and now share the first place with T1. However, this success had to be slightly tarnished due to a scandal involving Skem related to the nickname he used in public games.

OG’s Twitter manager, ManonBjn, criticized Skem’s nickname for containing sexual violence. He usually used the nickname whe he played public games. Maybe the old Dota players know that it was a callback to the Mushi meme when he was still playing. Because he often beats his enemies on the laning stage, Mushi is famous for memes related to the sexual assault.

However, it seems this meme is out of date and many are protesting the rudeness of the meme.

The meme also appeared because of Mushi’s iconic face in one of the team pictures for TI2. Dendi, one of Mushi’s rivals, also praised his performance and used these words, which eventually became a meme. It is very possible that Skem used this nickname for the Mushi meme callback. However, with the passage of time, memes like this deserve to become history.

Like the Twitter manager of OG, do you have any issues with Skem’s nickname in pubs? Share it with us!

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