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‘Superstar’ EG Loses Against Tier 2 DPC Team

Vberni Regalado

EG, who got many predictions to dominate the Upper Division NA DPC 2021, lost against a Tier 2 team, BnY.

EG Tier 2

With Nightfall and Jerax, many predict that EG will crush the teams in the Upper Division NA DPC 2021. However, they struggled against the Tier 2 team in the Upper Division, Black n Yellow. Black n Yellow initially won the first game, but EG managed to win the second game and looked to finish the series easily. The reality turned out to be different however.

‘Superstar’ EG Loses Against Tier 2 DPC Team

The first draft for both teams was pretty standard, with Dragon Knight offlane for EG and Phantom Assassin carry for BnY. The game was even in the early game, with both teams showing discipline on the laning stage. There was a bit of a setback in the midgame for EG who had to lose Roshan. However, EG still kept up.

However, disaster occurred in the 40th minute, when EG tried to break through the highground. They were hit by a teamwipe, and the fight in the jungle over Dire became the last fight after RTZ was caught and died without a buyback. BnY won the first game.

The second game looked superior to EG with their quite aggressive draft against carry Medusa Rises. This advantage is seen in the early game when they take over the early and mid games. BnY struggled to find answers to their weak draft, and they gave up on 30 minutes. EG drew 1-1.

The third game became quite an interesting game because each team got their comfort hero, such as RTZ carry Shadow Fiend and offlane Spirit Breaker for zero. The game was quite fierce in the early game, but BnY managed to get the first rax after winning the teamfight in the 27th minute. EG looked lost, and gave up after being hit by a teamwipe again in the 29th minute. BnY won 2-1.


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