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BOOM Enters Mineski Masters Grand Final

Vberni Regalado

After winning the BTS Pro Series, BOOM had the opportunity to win another tournament, the Mineski Masters, after successfully entering the final.

BOOM advanced to the Mineski Masters Grand Final after beating UD Vessuwan 2-0. Their chemistry is quite strong, and the performance of each player is the highlight of their victory. With their proven gameplay, many predict BOOM to be a fierce competitor to the top teams in the upcoming DPC SEA Division 1.

The first game of the best of 3 starts with BOOM’s dominance. Yopaj’s rotation to sidelanes always results in kills until Medusa feels trapped in her own map. UDV tried to fight back in various game stages, but their pacing was too slow because Medusa took a lot of time to be online. BOOM won the first game with a score of UDV 14 – BOOM 36.

The second game runs more or less the same as the first game. Yopaj with Lina and Fbz who used Mars again dominated the match. UDV was forced to play very safe in order to keep up with the BOOM’s quick pace. UDV managed to close the gap in the early 20 minutes, but BOOM reclaimed dominance. The second game ended with a score of BOOM 30 – UDV 15 with a total victory for BOOM.

Can BOOM be the champion again before the 2021 DPC season starts? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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