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Herald Account Buyer Wins First Immortal Game

Vberni Regalado

Leopold, a famous account buyer who bought accounts from pro players like Gpk and DM, won his first Immortal game.

After losing 14 times, Leopold, a well-known account buyer who bought accounts from pro players like Gpk and DM, finally won. In fact, he won against Zoret, the famous streamer who often earned the label “the next Sumail”. The account buyer won the game with Undying, with a score of 0/6/14.

With a coarse nickname in the Russian language, he managed to safely support Vengeful Spirit in the offlane. In fact, he managed to draw the lane according to Dotabuff, against carry Naix and Oracle. Tinker managed to snowball and take over the game and win after entering the late game. Tinker, as a hero who is in the overpowered category, can lift the Undying.

However, this is not a justification that players with low ranks can just buy accounts and play in top ranked games. There must have been a lot of players in that game who felt the game was ruined because of Leopold. In fact, before winning, Leopold made his team lose 14 times in a row. Hopefully this will be a lesson that buying an account is not a solution to climb ranks.

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