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Saksa Takes a Break After Getting Kicked by OG

Vberni Regalado

Apparently, Saksa was taking a break from the competitive Dota 2 scene after being kicked by OG, not leaving the team as OG claimed.

There are rumors that Saksa is taking a break for season 1 of DPC 2021. He last played at OG in a soft support position, and achieved unsatisfactory results. They finished 7-8th position at The International 10. After TI10 ended, OG then issued a statement that Saksa and Sumail decided to leave OG and look for other opportunities.

However, it turns out that Saksa denies this, and he says on his stream that he didn’t leave OG. He said this after reading one of the questions from his audience. The audience asked why he left OG. Saksa then replied that he did not actually leave OG, implying that he was kicked out of the organization.

So, what caused OG to say that he left the organization instead of getting kicked? There are those who argue that OG does not want to reduce the player’s reputation by saying that he was kicked. In fact, the term “kick” is also very rarely used by esports organizations, because these words are considered to be very rude.

Therefore, it is natural for OG to say that he “left” his organization to look for new opportunities.

Do you think Saksa still has a chance to compete at the highest level? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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