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The Biggest Losers of Roster Shuffle

Vberni Regalado

Who are the biggest losers of the roster shuffle?


  1. Yuragi
  2. bzm
  3. ATF
  4. Taiga
  5. Misha

Maybe a lot of people will disagree with the inclusion of OG on this list, especially big fans of OG. However, we need to see first what happens with OG before disagreeing immediately. The previous OG roster was full of TI’s 4 winners. 3 of them won 2 TIs in a row. There will be no one that can replace them perfectly, because they themselves are Dota 2 legend players who managed to become the best of the best.

So, OG can be included in the loser category in this roster shuffle, because no one can directly replace these legendary players and get their achievements as TI winners. At least until the potential of their new roster can be achieved.


Many will agree with their inclusion, because the new players in this team have not been able to show their performance as winners. Except for their substitute, AdmiralBulldog, who managed to win TI3 before retiring.

Supream is a former Chicken Fighters player who has only managed to participate in 1 Tier 1 tournament during his career. Leslao has the heavy burden to replace the winner of TI3, S4, in the offlane. Aramis had won several Tier 2 tournaments with Vikin.gg, but their team couldn’t make it to TI10.

It’s perfectly normal to have some skepticism about the new roster for this team. In fact, the risk of them going down to Division 2 is very large, considering that the European’s Division 1 is very competitive.

  1. Nikobaby
  2. Supream
  3. Leslao
  4. Aramis
  5. Handsken
  6. Admiral Bulldog

Nigma Galaxy

  1. iLTW
  2. Miracle~
  3. MinD_ContRoL
  4. GH
  5. KuroKy

Maybe many are wondering about the inclusion of Nigma Galaxy to the shuffle roster loser list, because they didn’t even change their roster.

However, that is exactly the reason why they are included to the list. Nigma as a team has become the punching bag of other European DPC Division 1 teams. They failed to get into TI10 because they lost against OG in the qualifiers. There is an opinion that Nigma needs new faces to regenerate its roster and their play style.

However, it seems they want to try to continue with the existing roster before making any roster changes. Extremely risky, considering other teams are strengthening massively.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming (VG) is probably one of the toughest shuffle roster victims globally. They had to lose their core 4 players who finished 5-6 in TI10. Pyw and Dy, a deadly support duo from China who are greatly feared by many teams, parted ways with the team to join Xtreme Gaming. Their midlaner, Ori, moved to Team Aster, while their offlaner old chicken did not renew his contract.

Only Poyoyo was left in the carry position from the TI10 team. Although his performance as a carry can be relied on, there are still big question marks with other players. If they fail to find chemistry, DPC China’s 2nd Division awaits them.

  1. poyoyo
  2. Xm
  3. Irving
  4. YDS
  5. 起风了

TNC Predator

  1. Young God
  2. Yowe
  3. X1aOyu
  4. PlayHard
  5. Febby

TNC is another team that suffered the most in the 2021 DPC huffle roster. Their entire roster was reshuffled after failing to enter TI10 because they lost to Fnatic in the TI10 SEA Qualifier. Many of their former players have joined strong teams from SEA, such as Talon and BOOM.

Their current roster is getting a lot of attention from fans of the competitive Dota 2 scene. Only Febby that is known as one of the veteran players who has a lot of experience. Names like YoungGod and Yowe were still foreign to TNC’s international fans.

It seems TNC will return to their roots of developing young talent, not proven veteran players. Of course, this has a big risk, especially with the addition of BOOM to SEA DPC Division 1 which makes the competition even more fierce.

These are some of the teams that can enter the Biggest Loser category from the 2021 DPC shuffle roster. Do you agree with this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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