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Valve Bans Smart OMEGA Over Match-Fixing Controversy

Dethan Dario

BTS Dota announced that Filipino-squad Smart OMEGA is officially banned from all Valve-sanctioned events.

In a Twitter post, BTS Dota reported that Smart OMEGA is officially banned from all Valve events. This followed after the organization was found guilty of match-fixing activities.

“Team Smart Omega (AKA “OMEGA ESPORTS”) have been officially banned from all Valve-sponsored events due to their engagement in match-fixing activities,” the announcement read.

In addition, Valve also extended the ban to the following players: Dave “Hiro” Miyata, Patt Piolo “Piolz” Dela Cruz, Van Jerico “Van” Manalaysay, Prince “Prince” Daculan, Ryniel Keit “Zenki” Calvez, Chris Ian “CTY” Maldo.

Aside from the ban, the announcement also included the removal of the team’s slot from the DPC SEA League.

With this, Execration is now allowed to participate in the DPC by filling in with the open slot.

Meanwhile, BOOM Esports will be maintaining the same slot after finishing in top 7 last season.

As of this moment, OMEGA Esports has yet to give its comments regarding the announcement.

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