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Sanford, S4gitnu to Join Z4pnu’s Z4?

Dethan Dario

Rookie stars Sanford and S4gitnu might be gearing up for Z4!


Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso revealed that rookie Sanford sent him a private message. He revealed that the former Nexplay EVOS player asked him if he could try out for Z4. Alongside the rookie, Alfonso also revealed that former Nexplay EVOS player S4gitnu is also an option.

The said message followed after Nexplay EVOS disbanded to revamp its roster. Along the revamp’s casualties are rookies Sanford and Hesa.

After the disbandment, Sanford allegedly asked if he could be part of Z4pnu’s team, together with Hesa.

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“Sanford messaged me because his team recently disbanded,” stated Z4pnu on his vlog.

“He said ‘Billy, can I join the tryouts for Z4 Esports?’ then I said he can,” he added.

Meanwhile, Z4pnu revealed that he was having a dilemma as there was another player who’s also expressing his interest in joining Z4.

S4gitnu, another former Nexplay EVOS player, is also reportedly asking if he could join Z4pnu’s squad.

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Hence, Z4pnu is now open to four options which include three former Nexplay players and RYU.

“I’m torn between recruiting Sanford or Sagitnu,” the veteran player expressed.

While options are starting to widen for Z4pnu, Z4’s MPL PH Season 9 dream remains blurry. Alfonso recently revealed that he’s still in the process of communicating with Moonton.

Z4pnu Z4

Billy clarified that Moonton is still unsure whether a new franchise slot will open or not.

“I spoke with Moonton and they said it’s gonna be hard to secure a franchise next season,” stated Z4pnu. “If we can secure a franchise, we go for a franchise. If not, it (Z4 Esports) will be a training ground for aspiring pro players,” he said.

With this, things are actually starting to become real for Z4!

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