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Yowe, Febby, PlayHard in TNC’s Official Roster

Dethan Dario

Yowe, Febby, and PlayHard are now part of TNC’s newest roster!

TNC New Roster

TNC, on Wednesday, announced its latest roster which includes another super Filipino team led by another Korean star.

“Rebuilding the team will never be easy, and despite this being our biggest hurdle yet, the Phoenix will work its way to rise again and compete in the highest level,” the team’s CEO told in the announcement.

According to TNC, the organization will be retrying their 2016-17 formula where the team shocked OG during their lower bracket match in TI.

“This season, we will face a big challenge as the SEA Region will be stacked and full of powerhouse teams. For the past years, our team always had high-profile players but this time, we want to move in a different direction by picking up rising talents from the region and team them up with a veteran leader in the form of our new captain, Febby,” the organization said.

TNC Predator win MDL Chengdu Dota2 Major - Final Placements - Dexerto

“Looking back, this is a formula that worked for us during 2016 and 2017. We hope that the same formula can bring positive results to our team,” they added.

TNC’s latest roster:

  • Levi “YoungGod” LagaretYuri
  • Dave “Yowe” Pacaña
  • Lee “Xiaoyu” Qian YuPrieme
  • Ejay “PlayHard” Maque
  • Kim “Febby” Yong-Min

In 2019, the organization took home the Philippines’ first Major win during the Chengdu Major. The team was led by their former captain, March, who was also a Korean.

Now, fans are looking forward to TNC’s future as the team remains as Philippines’ image for Dota 2.


Can TNC replicate their previous successful runs with this new roster? Share your thoughts by commenting on our comment section!

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