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Talon Esports Enters Dota 2 Scene with Fly, Gabbi

Dethan Dario

Talon Esports has made its Dota 2 entry official!

The Hong Kong-based organization Talon announced that it’s officially entering the Dota 2 scene. Along with its announcement is the reveal of their official roster.

Surprisingly, the newcomer in the scene has added veteran players on its roster including Fly.

“Talon Esports is proud to announce its entrance into Dota 2. With already strong success in the MOBA genre with multiple championships in League of Legends and Arena of Valor, the squad will be based out of Manila, Philippines, and will field an international roster of world-class talent,” the announcement read.

Talon’s official roster:

  • Fly (Israel / Canada)
  • Hyde (Indonesia)
  • Gabbi (Philippines)
  • Mikoto (Indonesia)
  • kpii (Australia)

While the roster is officially out, the organization has yet to announce which roles the players will be playing.

With their entry, the organization now aims to expand its machinery towards improving the company’s market.

Talon Esports

“We have put together a supremely talented roster with the goal of contending for majors and of course the International next year. With a team of content creators and social media staff we will look to engage closely with the community so that all our fans can come with us on every step of this journey,” Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon told.

Now, Talon will be setting up to compete for the top spot in the Southeast Asian region. Will this new team quickly rise up to the ranking like T1?

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