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Boom Found Fifth Player, Mushi Reveals

Vberni Regalado

In the Winner Interview on BTS Pro Series, BOOM’s coach, Mushi, issued a statement that BOOM has got their fifth and last player.


After BOOM defeated MG.Trust in Winners’ Finals BTS Pro Series 9, Mushi as BOOM’s stand-in received an interview from BTS. In the interview, he said that BOOM has got their fifth player. In fact, he continued to say that the player they got were in the carry position, not hard support.

Although many say that skem will play in the carry position, this seems to be a confirmation that he will return to playing in the hard support position. In fact, Mushi who became a stand-in also changed his position to a carry position to facilitate the role change. In the interview, he continued that their fifth player would join after BTS Pro Series 9.

Gary Ongko, the CEO of BOOM, also confirmed the news. However, it looks like the new BOOM carry is going to be a bit controversial, as he continued his tweet by saying:

Many people’s guesses for their carry position are wrong, and maybe many are disappointed with their choice. However, he asked BOOM fans to judge their results after TI11. Does the carry they take have a huge potential? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

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