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TI Winner Yatoro Gets 12,000 MMR


TI Winner Yatoro Gets 12,000 MMR

Vberni Regalado

After winning TI10 with Team Spirit, Yatoro achieved another great feat for a Dota player, which is Rank 1 and 12,000 MMR!

Yatoro MMR

Yatoro again shocked the Dota 2 scene with his latest achievement, which is 12,000 MMR and Rank 1 on the leaderboard.

He achieved the result after winning the game using the Morphling hero with KDA of 14/4/10. He won the game against Elephant.fy, former PSG.LGD, who used a terrifying Earthshaker.

However, it seems that fy is having a hard time in that game, because he ended the game with a KDA of 1/7/16. But this is understandable because he is up against Yatoro, an on-fire TI Winner.

In fact, in the previous game, he achieved an even crazier KDA at 22/0/5 with Morphling too!

Yatoro scored a lot of headlines after winning TI10 with Team Spirit. In addition to his MMR which reached 12,000, Yatoro also played with the largest hero-pool in TI10, which was 19 heroes.

He is also the player with the most Rampage on the TI Main Stage. Many compare him to Ana, but there are also those who think that he is now more skillful than Ana. This is certainly worth debating because the two players have never compete with each other at all.

Who was better? Ana at TI8 & TI9 or the current Yatoro? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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