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TI 10 Winner Yatoro Banned from Twitch

Vberni Regalado

A few weeks after winning The International 10, Team Spirit’s Yatoro was banned from Twitch while streaming for a strange reason, namely malware.


The news came moments after Yatoro’s channel disappeared from Twitch. Many speculated as to the reason of his ban. Some users on Reddit said that Yatoro was banned after accidentally using racist remarks. Twitch is a pretty strict platform against hate speech and racism, which is why many think that’s the reason.

After that, many started to compare Twitch to being insensitive and just trying to ban anyone who accidentally use those words. There are many words in other languages that are similar to those racist remarks in English. That’s their point why Twitch should do a case-by-case review. However, it turns out that the reason for Yatoro’s ban is not because of that.

The reason Team Spirit’s carry was banned from Twitch was because he was accused of being a “fake” channel or spreading malware. The translation of the message ban is:

So, the speculations of the Reddit users are not true. Supposedly, his account will be back in the near future because of this tire error. It looks like the ban was due to many fake Yatoro channels that appeared. His channel has been erroneously flagged as one of the fake channels.

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