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Heartbreaking TI 10 exit, robbed in Finland, things just get sadder and sadder for Matumbaman!

Team Secret Matumbaman on Twitter said that he got in Finland. According to the veteran player, robbers got his wallet and phone, although they did not take any money.

“I just got robbed In Finland. They got my phone and wallet for 5mins but they didnt take any money. What precautions should I take,” he said.

The player also told that he had already taken the matter to the police. Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen says he has already deactivated all his cards. He says he has also reformatted his phone as well.

Lasse said that he’ll be refreshing all his social media accounts, his passwords, the next day as he was already too tired.

“Reported to the police, killed cards and reformated phone. Tmrw changing all passwords but rn just too freaking tired,” he expressed on Twitter.

Urpalainen just got himself back to Finland after the conclusion of The International 10. The player faced a very disappointing exit after getting an upsetting loss against the current champions, Team Spirit.

Team Secret secured their first-ever top 3 finish in The International, but ended their run right there and then.


Robbed, disappointing TI exit… Things aren’t just going well for our guy Matumbaman.

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