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Karl, KuKu Goes YOLO Flying Home; Fnatic Players, Abed Still Stuck in Bucharest

Dethan Dario

Karl and KuKu are now on their way home! But the other remaining Filipino players are still stuck in Romania!

Filipino Dota 2 players Karl, Kuku, Abed, Raven, and Karl were reportedly stuck in Bucharest, Romania. The news followed after the Philippines released its guidelines regarding travel bans which included Romania.


Eric Khor, Team Director of Fnatic, recently reported that both Karl and Abed have successfully boarded a flight bound to the Philippines.

“Update: @keyemjey@kukudota made YOLO attempts and made it back without getting stopped. @DjardelJicko@ravendoto@killthemage@abedyusop attempted the same and got stopped from boarding the plane (same route, 1 day after). Have reached out to IATF, @DFAPHL for assistance,” Read Eric’s update.

Karl T1
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However, Abed, DJ, Raven, and Pao Bago (Fnatic’s performance coach) were unable to board the same plane. According to Khor’s Tweet, the remaining players were supposedly stopped while attempting to board the same plane the following day.

The team director told that they were already reaching out to the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs for assistance.

As of this writing, no report has yet to circulate whether both Kuku and Karl were successful in flying back to the Philippines.

The Philippine government recently released a hazard list that had put Romania under the red list. Countries in the said list are barred to fly into the country due to the alarming cases in their homeland.

Philippines’ hazard list took effect October 16 and will remain until October 31. The last day of the restriction is at least two weeks far from the players’ supposed flights.

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