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NEW HERO: Dragon’s Blood Marci to Arrive in Dota 2

Dethan Dario

Surprise surprise, it’s Marci! The International 10 just shocked the fans with a teaser on Marci!


Dragon’s Blood season 2 is just around the corner, and The International just teased what’s about to go down. What’s the most hyped about it is that Marci is about to arrive in Dota 2!

The breaking segment of The International showed how Dragon’s Blood Season 2 would go down. The teaser showed multiple exciting news which includes the cameo of Lina Inverse herself.

Dragon's Blood Season 2

It appears Lina has a connection with Davion, and the fire dragon itself.

“You are the child of fire… a part of me… and you will obey!” told Davion Knight in his Dragon Form.

Aside from the shocking revelation, it appears Dota 2’s Dragon Knight’s max Dragon Form will also appear in the series.

Lina in Dragon's Blood Season 2

At the end of the teaser, The International has also shown a brief video of Marci fighting some creeps in Dota 2. Without showing any text, it appears fan-favorite Dragon’s Blood character will be a playable character in Dota 2.

Questions presented: will she be a support hero? an assassin? a magic dealer? We’ll definitely as she arrives in the game this fall!

Marci in Dota 2

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