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Trash Taken Out? Secret Sweeps OG Down to Lower Bracket

Dethan Dario

It appears Secret has already taken out the ‘trash’!

Over a Decade Later, A Puppey Story

Looks like the ‘beef’ has been addressed after Team Secret bashed their way through the defending champs OG in their upper bracket match-up, 2-0.

The meme gods in Team Secret have entered their series with nothing but confidence as they’ve shown!

Prior to their game, Team Secret’s social media handler Midormeepo had a spicy exchange of words with OG’s Ceb himself. The issue started out with Team Secret trolling OG with their memes. The said contents were not taken lightly however by OG forcing the offlaner to give his comment which supposedly ‘exposed’ Midormeepo’s origin.

Team Secret Versus OG Recap

The first game of the series started off evenly with both teams drafting heroes of equal potentials.

OG focused on a pick-up-heavy draft picking a Mars, and Ursa combination. The defending champs have partnered their draft with a Topson Invoker. OG also thought of spicing up their carry with an Io offlane on Ceb partnered with a Saksa Tuskar.

Secret on the other hand responded with an equally powerful draft with an Earthshaker and Morphling combo. Adding up to their team fight potential, the team added Monkey King and Ember Spirit. The team also thought of countering the Io pick by choosing an impactful Ancient Apparition on Puppey.

The game’s early phase proceeded on the same level with both teams taking up crucial objectives. Things started to look away from OG but was quickly equaled up by Sumail who picked up an early ultra kill.

Everything turned around all over OG after the team’s aggressiveness had bitten them in the ass. With Secret’s team fight prowess, the team have quickly overwhelmed the defending champs after picking them up one-by-one 33-minutes in.

Puppey’s squad have completely squeezed out the GG from OG at 40:24 ending at a 51-27 scoreboard.

While game one appeared to go, either way, game two looked more one-sided for Team Secret.

With the team picking the Ursa this time, the squad has completely smacked the champs in just 27 minutes. Surprisingly, OG have drafted a Hoodwink mid for Topson which appeared questionable against a Nisha Tinker.

Things looked more troublesome for OG after they’ve drafted a Legion Commander on N0tail. Everything looked unreal for OG as their draft appeared really inferior to Secret ending in a 4-42 scoreboard.

Team Secret now secured the Top 6 spot, and there is no sign of stopping there.

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With their devastating loss, the defending champs are now on their way to the lower bracket. Secret on the other hand have already secured a top-6 finish and will be sitting idly until October 14 where they will be facing Invictus Gaming who won 2-1 against Team Spirit.

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