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DPC Points Don’t Matter: OG Destroys EG in Quick 20min Game

Dethan Dario

The top 1 in terms of DPC points EG just got served with a quick defeat!


DPC-points deficient OG just showed their true colors after beating down EG in their first game of the series in just 20 minutes. The series however was tied by EG in their back-and-forth game two. OG now sits at an 8-4 standing while EG lags behind at 6-4.

EG Versus OG Recap

The defending champions OG continued their streaking Sumail in their series against EG.

OG started their game one with a seemingly inferior draft. EG completed their draft with an Abed Invoker partnered with a Tidehunter for a combo.

OG, on the other hand, picked a Juggernaut combined with a Magnus pick with the hopes of creating impactful team fights.

Evil Geniuses

While EG had a stronger early game with their disables, OG surprisingly kept themselves on equal footing with the team.

Things got tricky for EG after being wrecked by OG’s snowball in just 13 minutes in. Everything got out of hand quickly for EG after watching Sumail take down their top third tower.

The defending champs saw the idle EG as an opportunity to clear the game quickly in just 21 minutes.

OG Drafts Io Pick

Game two of the series continued to show a dominant EG in terms of drafting. In the hopes of making a comeback, the team drafted their comfort heroes Ember Spirit and Ursa. The draft got spicier after the team partnered their carry with a Lycan offlane.

OG meanwhile surprised the fans even more after Ceb picked an Io pick for offlane.

Ceb Dota 2

The second game started equally for the team taking some equal exchanges early on. Things appeared to favor OG however in the mid-game after Ceb took advantage of his Io’s ult which surprised EG on multiple occasions.

Things slipped out of OG however after Abed unleashed his talents which confused Notail and his squad multiple times. Despite having a strong early game, Topson’s Gyrocopter appeared too weak for Abed’s skillful Ember Spirit plays.


After taking the crucial Roshan at minute 35, EG quickly turned themselves straight into the OG’s base eventually squeezing out the GG 39 minutes in.

Following both teams’ masterful game, OG is now set for its second game of the day against Undying at 7 PM. EG on the other hand will be having theirs against Thunder Predator at the same time.

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