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SEA Bet T1 Chokes, Clears Day 1 Winless

Dethan Dario

Top SEA Dota 2 team T1 fails to secure any win in TI 10’s day one!

Dota 2

The International 10 started today, and T1 is not having it after ending the first day of the group stage without any win.

SEA favorite T1 ended up winless in two of its series today.

The organization faced TI favorites Invictus Gaming and EG and settled for 0-4 in the end.

SEA Bet T1 Versus IG Day 1 Recap

The SEA favorite in T1 started game one pretty much even against Invictus Gaming.

The team drafted their traditional Dragon Knight pick for Karl partnered by an Io pick and Gyrocopter. Game one’s draft appeared more convincing for Invictus Gaming after taking several heroes with pick-up potentials.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming drafted disable-heavy heroes in Lion, Elder Titan, and Tidehunter.

The Chinese powerhouse IG literally ransacked T1 in game one after ending the game with an almost 18k gold lead. IG’s Morphling pick paid off after ending the game with a clean 10-0-6 standing.

Game two of the series appeared more close with T1 picking a Storm Spirit for Karl. IG quickly responded with a Doom pick with the idea of silencing the Storm Spirit pick.

The series was a back and forth until IG managed to secure several crucial team fights to secure the GG with an even 26-26 scoreboard. The kill score however was misleading as the Chinese squad managed to end the game with a 22.4k gold lead.

T1 Versus EG Day 1 Recap

Hoping for a comeback, T1 continued their day one journey against EG who also managed to take a clean 2-0 against the team.

Game one of the series looked to favor T1 in terms of their draft. The SEA bets secured a Doom pick as a response to Abed’s signature Storm Spirit hero.

Things went clean for T1 until EG’s Silencer pick proved its worth after managing to displace T1’s Spectre in multiple team fights.

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With the annoying Global Silence, EG managed to take game one after a dragging 45-minute game.

Game two of the series appeared to be an even more serious game for EG.

The fan-favorite EG surprised the fans with a Tiny pick which was not banned by T1. EG partnered their Tiny pick with a Lycan which completely overpowered the hero with its Aghanims buff.

Meanwhile, T1 responded with an Axe pick with the hopes of holding down EG’s melee heroes. Things did not go according to T1’s plan after getting snowballed by EG quickly ending the game, 27 minutes in.

As of this moment, the SEA favorites are positioned to face Virtus.Pro and the defending champs, OG, in day two of the group stages.

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