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Team Spirit Cramped in Small Practice Room as Valve Bases Privilege on DPC Points

Dethan Dario

Team Spirit revealed something intriguing, and it involves the TI 10 organizers!

Russian organization Team Spirit spilled some tea exposing Valve’s inconsiderate actions for the upcoming The International.

Team Spirit

In a Twitter upload by the organization, Spirit exposed their overcrowded room provided by the organizers.

The video revealed their current room where they will be playing for the group stage.

Shockingly, the room appeared really overcrowded considering there will be players staying in the room.

“We can’t even recline our chairs. Just see how close players are sitting,” one member mentioned.

Sarcastically, the same player mentioned that they will be getting easier access to food because they were playing in their kitchen.

“But you can get food anytime. There is a microwave and so on because we’re playing in the kitchen,” he continued.

Team Spirit Reveals Receiving Poor Service from Organizers

Additionally, the players also mentioned that their computers did not even have activated windows. Surprisingly, this exists despite Valve giving out the highest prize for TI in history.

Team Spirit

The exposé continued up to their comfort room where they did not have any toilet paper.

Interestingly, one player mentioned that other teams had better rooms compared to them. The team revealed that the rooms being given to teams depended on their DPC points.

They told that the team with low DPC points had rooms similar to theirs. They also sarcastically told that maybe next year, the organizers would also base the distribution of food on DPC points as well.

“(We) are waiting for next year and I hope it will be better. Maybe they will start giving away water and food depending on rankings too– no DPC points, no food,” they said.

Rooms are based on DPC Points - Team Spirit

As of this moment, PGL and Valve have yet to give a comment on these allegations. This year’s TI has been surrounded with controversies involving the organizers which include Team Aster’s revelation where they divulged that PGL was not minding them despite their call for needs.

According to Aster’s LaNm revealed that the organizers did not even provide food which forced them to purchase outside for themselves instead.

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