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Experiment? Bren to Let Rookies Rimuru and Malik Play in Week 3 of MPL

Dethan Dario

Bren Esports, the M2 World Champions, maintain their playoff drought in the MPL PH Season 8’s second week. The squad just had an unfortunate match against TNC Pro Team, which ended in a 0-2 loss to TNC Pro Team.

Rimuru Malik

Bren Esports’ coach, Duckeyyy, revealed during a post-match press conference that it could be a good moment to employ their new talents, Muj “Malik” Malik and Dwine “Rimuru” Enriquez, in their upcoming match. He thinks this is the best moment to see what the newcomers can bring to the club.

“Next week, we’ll be playing with the rookies just to mix things up,” their coach told.

“I still believe they are performing well individually, we just need to find the dynamic that will fit for this particular patch,” he added.

BREN Esports

Malik and Rimuru are the team’s Junglers, but both are versatile enough to play in the Gold Lane when necessary.

The coach also confessed that they are in a terrible spot and are battling to establish traction in MPL PH Season 8.

Yes, it is very obvious that we’re struggling, but then again it is also obvious that we need to make more changes,” Duckeyyy continued.

Winning M2 for BREN is Duckeyyy

We made changes already but it seems that it’s not enough,” he said.

Bren Esports is still playing at its best, according to Coach Duckeyyy. The squad will keep pushing forward in the next weeks he said.

But I guarantee you, these guys are still playing at their best, I still believe in them,” told the coach.


Currently, the team struggles in the playoffs and has yet to prove its position as the reigning M2 World Champions.

With their winless streak, will we expect a huge comeback with this possible experiment?

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