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BREAKING: Veteran Caster Kuya D Passes Away Due to COVID-19


Veteran caster Kuya D passed away on August 27 due to COVID-19 complications.

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Aldrin Paulo “Kuya D” Pangan passed away today after fighting against the currently devastating virus, multiple Hyprgame sources confirm.

Pangan was first reported positive of COVID early last week where the caster shared his plight on Facebook.

The caster told on his social media that he’s been struggling with the virus, especially in terms of breathing.

Now, the legendary caster has already breathed his last.

Kuya D, A Pillar of Philippine Dota 2

Aldrin Paulo Pangan is a reputable name in the industry, especially in the world of Dota 2.

D got himself into fame following his stint as a caster where he shared his talent showcased through humor and wit.

Lakad Matatag Meaning & Origin » Lakad Matatag normalin normalin
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“Lakad Matatag! Normalin, Normalin!” is one of the caster’s biggest catchphrases that got famous worldwide. The phrase was even added on Dota 2 battle pass chat wheels itself because of being catchy.

D also went famous for his “Echo Slamma Jamma” phrase which also got included in the battle pass chat wheel.

With a personality such as Aldrin passing away, the Filipino community will surely take this with an ache in their hearts.

To Kuya D, lakad matatag wherever you are!

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