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Team Flash Making a Comeback in MPL SG After 3-Year Hiatus

Dethan Dario

Team Flash returns! But not in a flash…

Singapore-based organization Team Flash announced that they’re returning to the MPL SG scene for Season 2.

The team told on 24th Aug 2021 that they will be back on the scene after taking a 3-year break.

Currently, Flash will consist of a new roster consisting of some famous players and one veteran coach.


  • William β€œa1a2” Heese (Support, Mage)
  • Wendall Sean β€œDarA” Tan (Offlaner, EXP)
  • Nashrudin β€œFenrirrr” Bin Kamsani (Team captain, Tank)
  • Ng Jun β€œPokemon” Hong (Offlaner, Gold)
  • Goh Hao β€œTsuna” Ming (Jungler)
  • Ong Wei β€œAeon” Sheng (Coach)

β€œWe are honored and excited to be given the opportunity to represent Team Flash in the upcoming MPL. We will be facing stiff competition and as a new team, we will need to devote extra time and effort to improve our teamwork and strategy, however, we are determined to try our best and do both Team Flash and our fans proud,” Fenrirrr told in an interview.

The team managed to secure a slot for the MPL SG after dominating in the Open Championship Qualifier of the MPL SG Season 2.

Team Flash

Flash managed to get a slot alongside Impunity Esports SG who will also be appearing for the Season 2 of MPL SG.

As of this moment, the final 8 teams for the upcoming MPL season for Singapore is now full. Here’s the final list of teams for MPL SG Season 2:

Team Flash, Impunity Esports SG, EVOS SG, RSG SG, Kingsmen, Notorious Villains, ALMIGHTY, and EXPLORER.


The final list of teams will be competing for the biggest share in the $100,000 USD prize pool.

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