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Malaysian Esports Coach Hahagus Dies of COVID-19

Vberni Regalado

Rest in peace, Hahagus.

The coach of PUBG Mobile team, SEM9.GANK, Agusalim Amran (Hahagus), died of COVID-19 today, friends close to the him confirmed to Hyprgame.

Hahagus breathed his last at the Sg Buloh Hospital’s Neat Treatment Unit (ICU) earlier today.


The esports coach was rushed to the hospital on July 28 due to Covid-19. It was later confirmed that he has a fourth category Covid-19.

Following an increasingly unhealthy lung condition, Hahagus was admitted to the ICU early Thursday morning.

Hahagus is a well-known e-sports coach in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Under the guidance of Hahagus, Malaysia won the first Southeast Asian championship for PUBG Mobile e-sports through the Yoodo Gank team in 2020.

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