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Why is S4gitnu not in EVOS Nexplay?

Dethan Dario

Z4pnu has recently hinted at acquiring S4gitnu to the team. With this recent update, it appears that things are not going according to plan.

OMEGA Z4pnu says He's Trying to Recruit Ex-Teammate S4gitnu

Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang recently revealed why he was not drafted on EVOS Nexplay. According to the player, the main thing that impeded their plans is the brand conflicts.

S4gitnu explained that he’s currently in a contract with VIVO. He added that his contract with VIVO is in conflict with EVOS Nexplay’s brand partner, Realme.

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The player however mentioned that it’s still possible for him to play for EVOS Nexplay should his contract end soon.

Akosi Dogie Chimes In

Veteran player and top streamer Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio also included S4gitnu in his recent vlog.

Dogie on his vlog clarified that Jeff will not be participating in MPL PH Season 8 with the team.

S4gitnu Explains Why He Was Not Drafted Into Nexplay EVOS' Competitive  Lineup

Subang despite retirement rumors, told that he’s still looking forward to continuing with his professional career. He emphasized that the contract is the only thing holding him from going back.

You know guys, Nexplay’s partner brand is Realme. So, if he joins, it already conflicts because they are not the same brand,” Dogi mentioned.

I want him to be stable in terms of branding and streaming,” he added.

S4gitnu Plays - YouTube

Regarding the said contract, Setsuna advised S4gitnu that he should still continue with his existing contract. He assured the player that he’ll get drafted should his contract with VIVO end.

In addition, Dogie refuses to have Jeff sent to MDL as he already has professional experience.

I don’t want him to be sent to MDL because he already has the competitive experience,” he said.

Big 3' stays, Dogie in as NXP EVOS unveils MPL-PH Season 8 roster – Manila  Bulletin

As of this moment, it’s definitely clear that S4gitnu would eventually have his time with EVOS Nexplay in the future.

Nexplay Esports’ Business Development and Partnerships Head, Adrian Rob Son told that S4gitnu is always on top of his list.

“Sagitnu has been on my list since MPL S7 planning to have the 2nd Team for Nexplay with Sagitnu in it. But as the MLBB Competitive scene transitions to Franchise, Things have to be re-evaluated together with our partners. Nevertheless, Sagitnu will always be on our list, and it’s a matter of time till you can see him again in the top league.” Adrian said in a statement.

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