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Azwan Ali (Diva AA) went from being a social media hero to a villain real quick.

Showbiz personality Azwan Ali hauled up over video on emergency | Free  Malaysia Today (FMT)

Malaysian actor Diva AA was the country’s favorite woke person for being a vocal critic of the government. Things had a direct turn after the actor gained hit for being a ‘hypocrite’.

Hate started after Ali received a $800K USD worth of “cost-of-living allowance” from the government. Reports say the artist received it from his brother, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali who is the Minister of International Trade and Industry.

Following backlash, Azwan disabled his comment section on Twitter.

“That’s how the wheel of life works. Last week you’re at the top, and this week you’re at the bottom. told Twitter user @techboy_88 who saw Ali disable his comments section after getting exposed.

@techboy_88’s Tweet has now has multiple retweets making the issue go big in social media.

In addition, another Twitter user named @KulupFans told Ali manipulated the public. The user also told that Azwan received his money from an overseas bank. Allegations say he received it from the daughter of a political figure.

As of this moment, Azwan Ali has yet to respond to all allegations.

Diva' Azwan Ali vows to take on MB brother in GE14 | Malaysia | Malay Mail

It seems that the actor is unbothered at all with his huge some of money.

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