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Chinese Teams Now Flying Home Two Weeks After AniMajor

Dethan Dario

We mean, Chinese teams are going home just now two weeks after the WePlay: AniMajor?!

PSG.LGD — WePlay AniMajor Team Profile • WePlay

PSG.LGD, Invictus Gaming, Vici Gaming, and Team Aster are finally heading to China after two weeks of overstay in Kyiv, Ukraine.

WePlay Esports took to Reddit the issues the said teams faced regarding their initial return flights.

According to them, new Chinese travel regulations made their exclusive return flights problematic.

Chinese teams face difficulties while traveling for the WePlay AniMajor

Changes on the rules for the European airspace made the team stay for an additional two weeks in Ukraine.

“As you know, we faced a number of urgent questions regarding the transportation of teams from China right before the start of the AniMajor. This was due to the fact that return tickets to China became void due to changes in European airspace.” WePlay told in their statement.

WePlay told that the changes already happened two weeks before the AniMajor. As a resolve, WePlay promised the teams exclusive private flights to ensure their in-and-out in the country.

However, the said Chinese teams faced troubles returning home despite promises. This made people question the credibility of WePlay’s promises.

Days after the issue, WePlay now reported that all the said Chinese teams are heading home.

Regarding the exclusive flight concerns, WePlay explained that Chinese government introduced a new set of travel rules which changed the plan.

WePlay told that they used all their connections to make the teams’ return flight possible. Together with the help of the Chinese fans, WePlay made it happen.

“We had to involve all our forces and contacts.. in order to resolve this issue. We proposed an option where the teams would remain in Kyiv and fly straight to Sweden from Ukraine… This turned out to be impossible due to the difficulties in obtaining Schengen visas for Chinese citizens who are outside their country. We did our best to help the teams leave the country and return home.”

It’s been weeks since AniMajor ended. PSG.LGD took home the crown from the competition and has now finally brought it back home.

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