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The Many Times Kris Aquino Burns Her Bashers

Vberni Regalado

Kris Aquino is the QUEEN, and her online presence will prove that.

The queen of all media has been on the receiving end of all the bashing since time immemorial, perhaps due to her stature. She’s the youngest daughter of national hero Ninoy Aquino and former president and Philippine democracy Icon Cory Aquino. Her brother, Noynoy Aquino was also the country’s 15th president.

But aside from a very well-know family, Kris made a name for herself as the highest-paid celebrity endorser. She is regarded as the “Queen of Talk.” In the advent of social media where many people (real or fake, or even troll) can just leave negative comments about her, Kris learned how to respond and correct the wrong information being thrown at her.

We compiled some of the best clapbacks Kris gave to her bashers and detractors in this article. Perhaps a popcorn while you continue reading?

When your response deserves a mic drop 🎤

Kris Aquino

Kris just doesn’t let anyone tarnish her reputation. In this particular response in the wake of filing theft and cyberlibel charges against Falcis brothers in relation to money issues, Kris clarified that she’s pressing charges to protect her credibility.

As a queen of comprehension 📖

Sometimes we don’t even mind the bashers who didn’t quite get what we said, but THE KRIS AQUINO WON’T LET IT SLIDE! Well, comprehension isn’t a big deal nowadays, is it?

Don’t… go… there… 🤦🏽‍♀️

Kris Aquino

If there’s one thing Kris Aquino hates, it is when her kids are dragged down. If you want to bash her kids, she’ll DEFINITELY go after you. This has been been proven several times!

Compassion for the trolls 👏🏽

Paying your basher’s psychiatric treatment and maintenance medication??? ONLY KRIS AQUINO DOES THAT.

Are you really calling Kris cheap?? 👀

Kris Aquino

Nope, the queen is NEVER cheap! Remember the taxes she’s been religiously paying??? She can give you an entire breakdown of it all, until you have a breakdown yourself.

Kris Aquino as a research teacher 👩🏼‍🏫

Hmmm, she means well. Just do some research because attacking her, okay???

*Burns in Bisaya* 🔥

If you think you can insult the QUEEN using another language, think again. She has so many people around her who can speak a lot of Philippine languages… so just don’t do it.

The QUEEN as a human Grammarly 📚

Kris Aquino

Imagine, you just wanted to piss her but she teaches you how to have good grammar??? What a true QUEEN she is!

This were just some of the clapbacks, as there are still so many, but one thing is for sure: You don’t want to mess with Kris Aquino, especially at this time when she is grieving over the loss of his only brother who passed away last June 24.

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