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Is this the beginning of the end for Indonesian mobile esports?

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The Regent of Mukomuko, Sapuan requested the government to put a ban on online game sites and applications. The said games include Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile.

Sapuan filed a petition requesting Minister of Communication and Information to put a halt on the game either nationally or just within their district.

Communication and Information Office Agrees on the Ban

Head of the Mukomuko Regency Communication and Information Office also told the regent has filed an official letter for the request.

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“The regent has submitted an application letter to ask the Minister of Communication and Information through the Directorate General of Information at the Ministry of Communication and Information to block ‘online games’ in the Mukomuko Regency area.” he told.

The head agreed with Sapuan and told that the games were indeed addictive to children.

“They, the children, have become addicts to online games so that this condition should immediately receive serious attention from the central government.” he told.

Deemed of Having Negative Impacts, Mukomuko Regent Asks Ministry of  Communications to Ban Mobile Gaming | Dunia Games

Additionally, the chief also explained that Sapuan had to file it to their national office first. He told that local governments are not allowed to impose ban according to law.

Currently, PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire are one of the biggest games in the country. Aside from such, big Mobile Legends teams are also from Indonesia.

Nepal, Pakistan, and India are the other countries who have already put a ban on the game. Said countries also cite similar reason.

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It’s been years since PUBG Mobile has faced multiple scrutiny globally. Many countries view the game as addicting. For some, they also claim that the game invade citizens’ privacy.

Do you agree with the Indonesian government’s view on these games?

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