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‘Woke’ Friends Silent About Juan Miguel Severo Sexual Harassment Issue

Vberni Regalado

Looks like the “woke” Twitter friends of Juan Miguel Severo are mum about his sexual harassment issue, when they have condemned several personalities involved in the same controversy.

It should not come as a surprise since Juan Miguel Severo himself has not made any statement yet. he even deactivated his Twitter account, perhaps to avoid the barrage of bashing from angry Twitter citizens.

The poet and Gaya sa Pelikula writer was accused of sexually harassing his lead star Paolo Pangilinan. Several others, including a 17-year-old child, came forward and said he was also sexually abused by Severo.

Netizens noticed the silence of his Twitter friends, who gained a following on Twitter for condemning people (and institutions) for their wrongdoings. Like Severo, they also receive backlash for their alleged preferential “cancelling”.

Friend of Juan Miguel Severo Speaks Up

Meanwhile, one of Severo’s friends spoke out earlier today about the issue. Stefan Punongbayan said that he “empathize and side with the victims of Juan Miguel Severo’s abusive behavior. One of them is a friend of mine.”

“This has been extremely hard for me to process that’s why I buried my head in my job these past couple of days, but today I’d like to speak my truth,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

“It’s hard for a lot of us who knew him to speak up, but my message to those who know Gege is that I hope you get the strength and courage to do so. Imagine how much harder it was for his victims to come forward,” he added.

Punongbayan also said that people “have absolutely no right to put other people on the spot in order to pressure them to process things right away. Nagmamadali? May taxi sa labas? (In a hurry? Is there a taxi waiting outside?) Are there a prizes for the first people to issue statements or for the best soundbites? Fuck all of you.”

Antoinette Jadaone Speaks Up

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast (AWKP) co-creator Antoinette Jadaone, who is also Juan Miguel Severo’s co-host in the podcast, spoke up about the issue.

In the AWKP Facebook community, Jadaone said apologized for speaking up late, as she waited to hear both sides before speaking.

“Una sa lahat, apologies for speaking up just now. I wanted to personally talk to those involved who are close to me, hear both sides, in hopes of having a clearer understanding first before speaking.

Juan Miguel Severo

Sexual harassment is very serious and should not be taken lightly. Tulad n’yo, in shock din ako at nalulungkot sa mga nangyayari. Hindi ko rin alam ang kabuuan ng kwento, but I know that when a victim speaks up, we must listen, and empathize, kahit na o lalo na kung malapit sa atin ang involved,” she said.

Jadaone also told the podcast’s fans to wait first regarding the continuation of their show.

As of this writing, Severo’s Twitter account is still deactivated. People behind Gaya sa Pelikula is also yet to issue a statement.

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