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Dethan Dario

June 14 Hyprleague official results are in!

Today marks the official start of League Weekday of Hyprleague!

The top 16 teams who will get the most points this week will proceed to the Superweekend!

Here are the official results from tonight’s games:


The June 14 Hyprleague official results is the first of the two-day league weekday. The second day will happen tomorrow night.

Hyprleague is a community tournament sponsored by Hyprgame. It is the Southeast Asia’s #1 gaming and entertainment drama site.

The games are powered by the Asia’s number 1 destination for community scrims and tournaments Scrimlabs.

Dubbed as Hyprleague, more than 900 teams within the gaming communities of Malaysia and Indonesia will face each other in PUBG Mobile, until one team reigns supreme. 

The Qualifying Rounds are up until until June 4, 2021. Meanwhile, The qualifier finals will be on June 7-11.

Many teams are eliminated since day 1. But the teams who advanced proved that championship is already just one step away.

The Hyprleague Grand Finals, where the winning team will be awarded is slated on June 26-27, 2021. 

Meanwhile, top three teams will receive cash prizes, and a special prize awaits the best performing team in the league. Overall, the winners will receive a total of USD 2,000. 

Real-time results are here at Hyprgame!

Hyprleague will be hosting other community tournaments across Southeast Asia, so make sure to visit our website and social media accounts for announcements. 

Make sure to like our Facebook page for more updates!


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