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Wild Rift’s New Bug Reduces Winner’s MMR Points

Vberni Regalado

There was something odd in the gameplay of LoL: Wild Rift players. After winning the match, there was a considerable reduction in the champion score.

Some Wild Rift players began to feel strange with the results of the game since last Thursday. Even though they have won, the champion score given by the system has a minus status.

The number of minuses varies. There are tens scores, even above 500 scores. Moreover, even those who won MVP also got this bug. For those who are chasing ranks, this will definitely interfere with the development of the players.

Many have started reporting it on several Wild Rift community Instagram accounts, one of them is @lambe_wildrifid. Afterward, other players also shared the oddities they got in the comments section.

Some suspect this is just a visual bug or caused by using a hero that is rarely used. Moreover, they were still annoyed with the reduced scores that can be considered not small. Luckily, this bug is just temporary. Some have admitted that the new scores no longer have minus points after several matches.

However, it is a such a waste if someone gets -700 after his/her winning match. Has this bug already been fixed?

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