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Womanizer? Former Exo Kris Wu Allegedly Dated 3 Girls in One Week


Womanizer? Former Exo Kris Wu Allegedly Dated 3 Girls in One Week

Dethan Dario

Chinese-Canadian artist Kris Wu might be a womanizer.

Former EXO member Kris Wu courts controversy after topping US iTunes  charts, Entertainment News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

Former Exo member Kris Wu has been on several dating rumors before. This time, rumors say he has dated 3 girls in just a week.

According to reports, Wu had a week of dating and cheating on women, speculations that he actually denied.

Kris Wu Dating Rumors

Former EXO Member Kris Wu Allegedly Dated 3 Girls In One Week

Tracing back in May 28, the artist went viral for allegedly renting a theater for a date. A CCTV footage revealed that Wu entered exited the theater with a woman assumed to be Chen Ziyi, an influencer.

Wu’s team however denied the allegation. They claim that Wuhad been with his friends, an alibi for the issue. They also claimed that the viral footage was a manipulated one.

Kris Wu Dating an 18-Year-Old

Not so long after the issue, Wu was once again on spotlight for allegedly dating an 18-yr-old named Du Meizhu. The said student’s friend surfaced online claiming that Du actually dated Wu.

She only told me about it because she was afraid of affecting Wu’s career development,” Du’s friend told.

She also told that Du and Wu dated until April when Wu suddenly disappeared. The said disappearance of Wu caused Du depression, a reason for the student not to attend school.

The said friend also exposed some screenshots of Kris Wu and Du Meizhu’s conversation as evidence. She claimed that Meizhu was a very good girl until she dated Kris Wu.

Kris Wu dating Xiang Yunjie

Not so long into the issue, influencer Xiang Yunjie got involved. Rumors told that the influencer dated Wu as well according to netizens.

The said speculations were denied by Xiang saying that rumors were not credible. Explaining her side, the influencer posted on Weibo her affiliation with Wu.

We got to know each other as (friends), and not as some netizens have been insinuatingIn my opinion, (Wu) is just someone looking for love. There is no right or wrong in relationships.” she told on social media where she tagged the Kris Wu.


Following Xiang’s involvement, Du Meizhu explained her situation. She told on social media that her friend who exposed Wu did not do it for fame. According to her, Wu cheated on her. The cheating allegation says that Wu was spotted on the mentioned theater that he rented.

Regarding all the rumors circulating online, Kris Wu’s team posted a legal notice. The notice warned public that all rumors were baseless and had ulterior motives.

Kris Wu | BoF 500 | The People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry

Kris Wu himself chimed in on the issue by hoping that everyone who instigated the issue got what they wanted. “(I’ve) once again entertained everyone the entire day. Hope you guys got all you wanted.” the artist wrote on Weibo.

Artist Kris Wu gained his popularity during his stay with Exo whom he left in 2014 to become a solo artist.

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