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PSG Talon’s Chief Gaming Officer Disappointed at Losing MSI Semifinals

Dethan Dario

“We always had the semifinals in mind for MSI, so it wasn’t a big surprise to me. It’s disappointing that we didn’t win it,” Dohoon Kim told, Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) of Talon Esports.

PSG Talon finish MSI 2021 rumble stage with most kills and highest team KDA  | Dot Esports

PSG Talon made headlines ahead of MSI 2021. Talon initially made it to social media buzz after Unified was not allowed to attend to MSI together with the team.

Apparently, the player had health conditions which restricted him of flying away according to medical recommendations.

This time, Talon’s CGO is taking the spotlight himself.

We always had the semifinals in mind for MSI, so it wasn't a big surprise  to me. It's disappointing that we didn't win it": Dohoon Kim, Chief Gaming  Officer, Talon Esports

Dohoon Kim is one of the key-players in building PSG Talon’s League of Legends team. Under his supervision, Talon has won Pacific Championship Series (PCS) in the last two splits in the region.

Talon also performed as one of the major shockers in MSI where the team fell a little bit short during the semi-finals.

Dohoon Kim is Disappointed

In an exclusive interview with sportskeeda, the CGO told a little about his disappointment after the team fell short in the semi-finals.

PSG Talon lock in MSI 2021 knockout stage spot with win over Pentanet.GG |  Dot Esports

The CGO was asked regarding his contributions to the team, and if he expected the team to reach the semi-finals.

“You were integral in building the current PSG Talon roster. Can you talk us through some ideas that went behind team-building and what you and your team were expecting out of it in the long run? Did it ever cross your mind that PSG could make it to the MSI semi-finals, dueling with some of the biggest global League of Legends heavyweights?” asked Sportskeeda.

“So far the results are coming as planned. I plan to keep bringing in depth with great players and also want to add young hungry upcoming talent for the longer run. When I was planning out our goals with my coaches earlier this year, we always had the semifinals in mind for MSI. So the semifinals wasn’t a big surprise to me. I was just a little disappointed we weren’t able to win it.” he told.

PSG Talon crowned champions of PCS Spring Split 2021 | Dot Esports

Apparently, preparing ahead if time did not pay well for the team according to the CGO. They’ve already expected that the team would reach the semi-finals but fell into disappointment after falling short upon reaching the said stage.

Do you think PSG Talon’s CGO’s disappointment would cause massive changes within the team?

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