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Midgame Crash Favors Secret Despite Nigma’s Dominant Lead in Cancelled Game

Dethan Dario

The problematic game 2 of Team Secret versus Team Nigma blesses Secret with a win despite Nigma’s dominant lead in the original game 2.

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Prior to the remake, Team Nigma was looking confident with their 5-11 lead sent in by Miracle’s ultra kill in the middle of the minute 15.

Despite the lead, the game unfortunately crashed moments after their massive win in a team fight.

The game got even more confusing moving forward as the game was abandoned causing multiple questions from fans and the casters alike.

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At the middle of the break, the game got even more confusing as the casters told that iG versus Secret would proceed instead– a speculation that got denied eventually as the game 2 of Secret versus Nigma proceeded in a total restart.

The remake was a turn of tide in favor of Team Secret.

Despite having the same picks, and same starting items, Secret looked more dominant after the team ransacked Nigma with a convincing draft that looked very tanky for Nigma’s semi-burst draft.

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Matumbaman’s Ursa looked like a nightmare after after demolishing all of Nigma with it’s tanky build supported by his supports’ tank buffs.

The full overturn has caused upset in multiple fans as Nigma called gg at minute 43:40 of the game.

According to fans, Nigma got rigged as the game was very crucial for them to qualify in the group stages.

Meanwhile, iG is getting a chance to have a tie-breaker with Nigma should they get a 2-0 win over Secret which will completely create a picture of disappointment for the Middle-East-based squad.

Do you agree with the decision to completely disregard the game that crashed?

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