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Disgusting No. 1 Team for PMPL Arabia Disqualified for Cheating

Dethan Dario

Is PUBG Mobile full of cheaters?

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Following some investigations, PUBG Mobile Pro League announced that they have disqualified Zombies Esports for using prohibited third-party programs during a tournament sanctioned by the organization.

Together with the goal of curbing down cheaters in the game, PMPL Arabia has completely put the integrity of the game’s anti-cheat in question after finding out that the Zombies Esports were cheating following reports.

Zombies Esports Disqualified From PMPL Arabia 2021 Season 1 For  Hacking/Cheating | AFK Gaming

In the past few days, reports have created a buzz after multiple PUBG Mobile teams filed numerous complaints versus Zombies saying that the team was playing ‘too good to be true’ plays.

Further investigations found out that the team was indeed cheating whereas Break, the team’s player, was identified to be the culprit for using third-party programs during the tournament which violates the strict rules.

Aside from getting banned from the tournament, the organizers have also banned the account of Break.

During the tournament, Zombies were topping the charts with their 207 kills and 359 points. Making things worst, the team also had the top three fraggers of the tournament, with Break leading with 46 kills.

Meanwhile, the PUBG Mobile Arabia told that there will be no replacements for the team, and that the tournament will proceed as scheduled.

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Bringing in the question, how likely would Zombies Esports have been found guilty if there were no reports? This, noting that the organizers only took action after getting several reports.

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