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Fnatic Faces Disaster, Exposed for Allegedly Pressuring Bwipo

Dethan Dario

Fnatic remains in turmoil.

Bwipo: “Yamato trusts me a lot with the champions I suggest” - Hotspawn

Former Fnatic Selfmade said that Fnatic told Bwipo “you either play in the woods or you leave the team,” one that had put the player in an awkward position within the team.

This follows after the player announced that he was switching roles from being a toplaner to a jungler.

According to fans, the 2020-2021 Fnatic needs to be exposed as things seem to have become very problematic within the team in the said timeline.

Fnatic's Bwipo and Selfmade reportedly refuse their contract extensions

“We seriously need an insider piece on 2020-2021 Fnatic because it feels like so much shit has gone down in the past two years.” a Reddit user told.

“2017 – 2021 tbh. Though we know a lot from 2017 already, it’s been a steady thread of “internal issues” that’s been with Fnatic for many years at this point. As we can see it’s even stayed past Rekkles leaving. Caps left because of it, Youngbuck was made to leave because of it, and one can only imagine what else was going on.” another one chimed in.

Meanwhile, Fnatic CEO Mathews responded saying that only two of the 5 players on the team had to make a difficult decision due to their long-term contracts. Mathews also told that there was only one player who did not take any decision based on the allegation.

As far as the saga continues, this issue has become a party for Reddit users as the issue traces back to a long history.

One user told that Fnatic has been very problematic since then, he also cited one of xPeke’s videos exposing concerns internally within the organization.

“Why people are still trying to force the Bwipo bad narrative when the fnatic internals problems exists since 2011, jesus christ, here is a clip of xPeke saying how fnatic deals with defeats back then And even in a post where fnatic put Bwipo in a situation awful, like wtf?” he told.

Another one also reminisced 2017 where Fnatic was facing a shaky roster. “Except we know Fnatic also had issues in 2017 already, perhaps even earlier. There are zero players from 2017 Fnatic remaining on the team (that roster was Soaz, Broxah, Caps, Rekkles, Jesiz). Clearly, it’s not tied to a specific player.” one user told.

In reality, it actually shows how the organization is doing with their players. It seems the heads have their own decisions without even consulting players’ welfare.

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