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Hurled by Pregnancy Rumors while in US, Singer Huong Tram Finally Pregnant?

Vberni Regalado

Recently, on her personal page, Vietnamese singer Huong Tram posted images of fetal ultrasound. The online community is having mixed opinions about this incident.

As one of the most popular singers in Vietnam, Huong Tram once made the audience regretful when she announced she would put aside her blooming career in her home country to study in the US.

At the time of 2019 when she first came to the US, Huong Tram was entangled with many doubts about pregnancy and silently went abroad to give birth. In response to this, the female singer posted many photos showing off her body but still could not smash all the speculations.

On her Facebook page, Huong Tram posted a picture of two hands holding an ultrasound of the fetus at midnight when Vietnam officially entered a new day; It’s also the singer’s birthday. She said “Love comes in all different forms. But there is only one unconditional love.” Although not taking close-ups of the face, but based on the tattoo, many people can immediately determine that this is the singer’s hand, not “stealing” someone else’s photo.

The post immediately attracted the attention of a large number of netizens. Many Vietnamese stars also left congratulatory comments to Huong Tram for her new role. In addition, many fans expressed surprise and did not believe their eyes. Some even think that this may be an image in a certain music product that the female singer is about to release.

Currently, in addition to publishing the ultrasound photo, Huong Tram has not revealed anything more. What do you think about the above case? Let Hyprgame know what you think!

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