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Cheating as New Meta? Quincy Crew Exploits Toss-Buyback Bug to Win Over EG

Dethan Dario

Hungry for a perfect Dota 2 game? Watch Quincy Crew and EG’s game 2!

Crazy Toss Buyback from YawaR - Quincy Crew : DotA2

The International 10 first direct invitee Evil Geniuses faced a more genius opponent in Quincy Crew after facing a 1-2 defeat, following a bug exploit in game 2.

Quincy Crew appeared hungry for glory, especially in game 2 where YawaR showed his ‘evil genius’ after exploiting a bug where he bought back after dying from Tiny’s toss.

Quickly buying back after dying from a toss quickly respawns your hero, with full hp and mana, to where you died. YawaR seemed to have been familiar with that bug and exploited it to Quincy Crews favor where his Medusa ransacked all of Evil Genius turning back the tides from their team’s potential wipe out.

Dota 2 fans quickly noticed and rejoiced to that fact, and expressed all their excitement on Twitter, with NA DPC League leading the scene.

“HOW ABOUT THAT FOR AN ENDING?! Quincy Crew take advantage of the Toss Buyback interaction to force a Game 3!” NA DPC League’s official Twitter account wrote with a clip of the said bug.

Evil Geniuses did not seem to feel bad despite facing a bug exploit. The team even expressed their excitement for their game 2.

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'David Parker Godz @BTSGoDz 4m everyone talking about the toss buyback (rightfully so), meanwhile dusa pickers hoping no one noticed that Yawar regen'd 2.5k Mana with ONE MYSTIC SNAKE 3 52 David Parker Godz @BTSGoDz 2m plz put this hero in the trashcan icefrog 13 David Parker Godz liked Dakota @DakotaCox 5m Quincy just won game 2 using some Antman quantum realm shit. Wtfff. Hype #nadpc 52 Evil Geniuses Now THAT was @EvilGeniuses 5m #Dota2 game! 13 95'

“Now THAT was a #Dota2 game!” they wrote on Twitter.

Retired veteran Moonmeander also chimed in on the party and expressed his praises for NA, especially after witnessing Quincy Crew’s talents in game 2.

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says '5 David Tan @MoonMeanderated 1h HOW CAN YOU TRASHTALK ΝΑ DOTA AGAIN AFTER THAT KIND OF ENDING 7 149 Peter Dager @Peterpandam 1h ROFL GABEN THIS IS FINE 17 t 14 395 LyricalDota and David Parker Godz liked loannis Loucas @Foggeddota 1h Yawaaaar toss buyback omg 4 い 154 trent and LyricalDota liked Sammy @SammyboyGG 1h yawar so good he didn't even know lol ΝΑ dota god damn 2 t 2 2 66'


Despite facing a loss, Evil Geniuses has nothing to worry about as the team has already secured a direct invite to The International 10 which will be held in Sweden. Quincy Crew on the other hand sits on a 59.64% probability of getting a direct invite to the same competition.

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