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N0tail Calls Alliance ‘Pussies, Cheaters’ After Cheating Exposé

Dethan Dario

Although he named no one, it appears it’s a call-out on Alliance.

Lionel Messi spotted helping N0tail at TI8 grand final : DotA2

It hasn’t been long since Alliance’s cheating allegation has come to the spotlight, and now, N0taiL seem to be having his own thoughts on the issue.

According to N0tail’s Twitter post, the player seemed to be fumed of the situation as it clearly showed an unfair setup to those who were not aware of the rule changes.

“Having a coach during a dota game has never been allowed. 0 respect for people that cheat, same thing when people macros and claim it’s ‘not against the rules’ or ‘I still have to know when to use it’ L O L Mentioned concept to valve TI9 They said no” he told.

Apparently, N0tail is disappointed with the recent expose that showed Alliance’s ppd calling the shots for the team– a taboo for almost all of esports tournaments.

However, Noxville told that changes in the rules have been communicated and that the changes include coaches being allowed to communicate to the team even after the drafting phase.

N0tail continued on with his anger by calling ‘cheaters’ as ‘pussies’. “Cheaters are big possehs” he told on Twitter.

Apart from flaming the ‘unnamed’ cheater, N0tail continued on with his disappointment and called out the unclear rules and management of the Dota Pro Circuit organizers.

“Really seems to me that a 40(?) mil$ tournament would have consistent rules through their official qualifying Dota Pro Circuit and main event. Maybe the number should change throughout to avoid stagnation” he told.

OG vs Alliance Game 3 (BO3) DPC 2021 Season 2 Europe Division - YouTube

He also continued on by saying that it was not fully the fault of Alliance as they were able to receive the news. He told that his disappointment all boils down as to why the news was not delivered properly to major teams.

“Also not blaming alliance for following rules and checking with ESL even though I think they could’ve definitely gone about this different and together with the rest of the teams like we usually do. But why are things like this XD It’s MAJOR news!!! Need better communication” he told.

JMR Luna, CEO of OG Esports, also showed disappointment and revealed that there they actually received a rulebook at the beginning of the season, and continued on by revealing that such rules only created problems which pushed some discussions which even involved Alliance.

“For the record – We were sent a rulebook at the beginning of the season. We got together and spoke about the rules. Some were flagged because they created problems. AND ALLIANCE was part of that discussion. This was NOT in the rule book. This an extra paragraph on an email. No one flagged it. No one discussed it. And clearly, we all missed it. Including Teams, Talent on the broadcast (of they would have build storylines around it). Everyone missed it, or we all interpreted it in a very different way. Not 6 man dota” the CEO told.

As of this moment, Valve has yet to respond on the allegations despite the news blowing up all over social media.

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