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Wrongly Accusing a Psychologist as Sex Predator, Revina VT Goes Bankrupt After Paying for Damages

Vberni Regalado

Indonesian Instagram star Revina VT admitted to bankruptcy after paying compensation for defamation of psychologist Dedy Susanto. Previously, Revina accused Dedy Susanto of being a sex predator.

Dedy Susanto reported Revina VT on the alleged defamation to Polda Metro Jaya in February 2020. Revina was willing to pay the compensation to Dedy as a reconciliation. The two of them signed a peace agreement last month, April 7, 2021.

This Young Lex’s ex-lover admitted that the compensation requested was not small, made her almost run out of money. Not to mention that she ran out of her income source from endorsements because her Instagram account was confiscated by the police.

“Hundreds of millions (Rupiah). The price I have to pay is for my mistakes, anyway,” said Revina VT when asked at Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police, South Jakarta. “I don’t have any jobs (since my Instagram account was confiscated by the police), so I’m unemployed,” continued Revina.

She admitted that she did not want to be involved in legal problems in the future, so she would not fall into poverty. Not only her job, but also Revina’s mental health was affected since this case was brought by the authorities. She admitted that she could not sleep well and was haunted by her lawyer every day. From now on, Revina decides to be careful in using her voice on social media.

Last year, Revina VT uploaded some conversation from the alleged abuse victim, allegedly committed by Dedy Susanto. Revina VT initially only wanted to defend the alleged victim from injustice. In the end, she was the one who got jinxed for accusing the psychologist without having to cross-check both parties repeatedly.

The lesson she learned from her case with Dedy Susanto is that having power in social media doesn’t mean she has to defend people and accuse others carelessly.

“The valuable lesson is that I don’t want to be a hero anymore. Hopefully I still got mercy,” said Revina VT.

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