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Ranged Udyr? That’s a Jinxed version of Jinx!

Dethan Dario

Feeling the current Jinx meta? That’s not what she’s supposed to look like in the first place!

Jinx, the Loose Cannon - League of Legends

Jinx, League’s nightmare of a hero, was originally designed to have different skillset — somewhat looking like a ranged version of Udyr.

August, a developer for Riot said via Twitter what Jinx was supposed to look like originally. In his tweet, he told that Jinx was supposed to have different stances per skill much like Udyr. With each stance change, Jinx will be wielding different guns with different types of auto-attack.

“Jinx’s original kit was “Ranged Udyr”: Q – Rockets: Attacks are slow, blockable, HUGE DAMAGE + AoE W- Shock Rifle: Every third attack slows E – Minigun: Gain attack speed while standing still, attacks shoot extra “minibullets” R- Different spell based on equipped weapon” August’s tweet read.

Originally, Jinx’s Q would provide her rockets that were slow, and can be blocked. The skill however would deal a ‘huge’ AOE damage which actually looks like her Fishbone’s stance in her today’s version.

Jinx, the Loose Cannon - League of Legends

Her W, much different with her current Zap! skill that deals damage, was originally designed to be a Shock Rifle. According to the dev, Shock Rifle stance would deal a slow on enemies on every third attack.

Jinx’s E, compared to her Flame Chomers! was originally a mini-gun that would increase her attack speed while standing still, perhaps just a slightly different from her Pow-Pow stance in her today’s version.

Spirit Guard Udyr | LoLWallpapers

Lastly for her ultimate, Jinx would have different spell depending on her stance. A very different version from her scary Super Mega Death Rocket.

The developer then explained that her supposed stance changes were all induced on her Q in order to give her spells that she could cast.

Despite not getting such kit for the given reason, Riot managed to insert their intentions on Aphelios. Another AD carry designed by Stash ‘Stashu’ CHelluck and Bradford ‘CertainlyT’ Wenban, can wield different weapons to allow him with a different gameplay.

Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful - League of Legends

Slight changes however included in Aphelios’ ultimate as the skill would depend on which weapon he would be wielding on his main hand. Aphelios originally had a scary start, the hero now sits at an underwhelming 46% win rate in Platinum ranks above as reported by online stats reporters.

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