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Doublelift Shows Off Bath Photo With Hot Girlfriend; Fans Get Jealous

Vberni Regalado

For many fans of the LoL game, the name Doublelift is probably not too strange. He is a former talented player of TSM, always working hard to achieve success. Thanks to the ability to take the lane firmly, calculate the correct amount of damage, and high individual skills. Doublelift has achieved a lot of success in his career.

Besides being a talented AD player – Doublelift’s love story with TSM’s beautiful president girlfriend, Leena Xu, also received special attention. Especially recently, Doublelift posted a photo of him in a bathtub with his angel girlfriend, making many fans “shy.”

Despite leaving the professional gamer, Doublelift’s post still receives the attention of many fans. Most people are jealous with the gamer who is Leena Xu’s boyfriend. A girl who is not only talented but also possesses a very beautiful appearance.

Netizens left witty comments on a photo of the former AD – League of Legends.

“I believe they just shower and do nothing.”

“Oh great.”

“With this, there should be a shower with your girlfriend on stream.”

“Every guy’s dream life.”

In 2016, Doublelift signed with TSM, joined Team Liquid in 2018 and finally returned to TSM in 2020. This is where he won his last LCS championship. Doublelift lifted the LCS trophy seven more times in his career and made it to the Worlds for a long time.

At the end of 2020, Doublift officially retired after a long time devoted to League of Legends. Fans in the world will no longer be able to see this talented AD perform his top performances.

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