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Trolls Meme GAM Esports for Missing Trip to MSI 2021

Vberni Regalado

While all the top League of Legends teams in the world were present and were moving to Iceland to compete, Levi and his teammates in GAM Esports are on vacation in Phu Quoc.

Notably, LPL’s RNG has hired a private jet to bring members to Iceland for a fee of up to 200,000 USD (about 4.6 billion VND). Seeing the news of the LoL teams preparing to go to the match, netizens made a photo of GAM Esports’ journey to MSI 2021 and it was widely shared on social networks. The photo both made the fans laugh out loud and made them regret for GAM Esports for not being able to attend the world tournament.

“GAM Esports is on theirs way to MSI 2021”, quoted the content of the photo. Specifically, Levi and his teammates were sitting on a buoy to move to… Iceland.

Obviously, this is a product of Photoshop. In fact, GAM Esports will have to sit at home and watch MSI 2021 through the small screen due to the complicated pandemic situation. Netizens just want to “troll” our defending champion.

Currently, Levi and his teammates are having a trip to celebrate their victory in Phu Quoc. According to Izumin, the only way for GAM Esports to go to Iceland is to transit in Singapore. And the time to do visa, preparation and move takes quite a lot of time. If GAM goes to MSI 2021, they will not return in time, preparing for the 2021 summer VCS. And of course, the summer tournament is always an important goal of any League of Legends team, because this is a ticket to attend Worlds championship.

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