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Nathan Lee Continues to Sue Ngoc Trinh, Asks for $1.3 Million for Compensation

Vberni Regalado

The battle among Nathan Lee – Ngoc Trinh – Cao Thai Son has not yet shown signs of cooling down. Most recently, Nathan Lee livestreamed with his attorney and shared with fans about the news last time. More surprisingly, the guy shared that he would sue Ngoc Trinh, claiming more than $1.3 billion (30 billion VND) for compensation.

Nathan Lee identified himself as a knowledgeable law person. The male singer said that Cao Thai Son was nothing. He was angry because the singer had bothered him.

When asked about Cao Thai Son announcing that he will sue him, Nathan Lee said that he did not understand the reason why he will be sued. He supposed that the juniors were in violation of honor defamation. Nathan Lee did not hesitate to use words like “inferior”, “bastard”, and “rag” when talking about this story.

More surprisingly, Nathan Lee announced that he would sue Ngoc Trinh. The reason for the male singer was that Ngoc Trinh’s side had defamed and damaged his spirit and honor.

“Today I officially sued Ngoc Trinh’s team, the amount of compensation is very small – 30 billion VND for what you caused. You are nothing in my eyes. You dragged me into the incident. But it’s also good because the whole country will know that showbiz is not bad, only bad guys make showbiz worse in the public eye. Young people, look back, do not praise unworthy characters. They are lawbreakers, I have proof. You are stupid, stupid to mess with me,” he said.

This action of Nathan Lee made many people feel surprised. Everyone asked the question, what did Ngoc Trinh do to make Nathan Lee sue her?

Since the scandal broke out, Ngoc Trinh remained silent. Many comments such as: “What is the reason to sue?”, “Oh, Ngoc Trinh should have sued, why suddenly Nathan Lee sued her unreasonable”, “I don’t know what Ngoc Trinh was sued about?,” were asked.

This continues to be a very surprising move by Nathan Lee. Netizens are extremely confused about what the male singer will speak or act next.

It seems that in the past few days, the guy has stirred up Vietnamese showbiz. Everyone was tired of his behavior. I wonder when this drama will end. Please follow Hyprgame to update more latest information!

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