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Is GAM Esports Acquired by NRG?

Vberni Regalado

Recently, the gaming community stirs up rumors that NRG Esports will buy GAM Esports team. Thus, GAM will be invested more strongly at the VCS Summer 2021 if the rumors are true.

NRG Esports is an organization in North America and has competed in the LCS in 2016. In recent times, this organization and the Faze Clan have submitted their application to the LCK, but failed. Perhaps their interest has turned to the VCS. The target team is the defending champion of VCS Spring 2021, GAM Esports.

This rumor is further reinforced when the online community quickly discovered the name of the NRG Esports organization that appeared on GAM’s championship shirt this season. This can be understood that the gamers’ team and the NRG have basically cooperated with each other, the announcement is probably due to the incomplete settlement of some legal procedures between the two sides.

With the inherent financial potential, NRG is expected to help GAM grow significantly in the coming time. The players will have a stable income to focus on their competitive career.

GAM is also likely to change their owner in light of the acquisition. The main replacement is LK Nguyen (founder of SkyLight Nha Trang). He is the only Asian and was chosen to become one of the five representatives of prestigious brands in the US.

Vietnam League of Legends fans are looking forward to GAM’s official announcement. Because if this is true, it promises to continue to explode at VCS summer 2021 and beyond at Worlds Series Championship 2021.

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