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Tyler1 Trashes League of Legends for Punishing Players Dodging Ranked Games

Dethan Dario

This used to have mixed opinions, and Riot seems to have landed on a decision already!

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 calls someone a “dips**t” for donating  $100 | The Loadout

Riot Games in a recent announcement told that it’s planning to put harsher sanctions on players who are willing to dodge ranked games in League of Legends and veteran streamer Tyler1 does not want any of it.

In defending his case, the streamer cited himself as an example in explaining that punishing people who dodge ranked games will give more concerns than a benefit.

“People want my teammates to be punished for dodging this game… Are you out of your fucking mind?” the player exclaimed.

Tyler1 hits 15-game streak in race to Challenger in top lane

While explaining, Tyler1 showed his match history on stream where it revealed his 13-game losing streak where he got autofilled into the support role in succeeding games.

Tyler1 specifically told several reasons as to why the harsher punishment will not do any good, he continued on with the list live on his stream.

“Number one: you [should] need a certain masterly level to lock in a fucking champion,” he told.

Famous People Who Can't Stand Tyler1

“There’s no world where I should even be able to lock in Aurelian Sol in a ranked game. Period. Second problem, I got autofilled support. Everybody on the enemy team was on roll, so that’s two, autofill isn’t balanced.”

Should the changes as planned out by Riot proceed, players who would dodge games will lose 3LP on the first offense, followed by another 10LP on the second offense. In addition to the -10LP for the second offense, the same player would also get locked-out for 30mins given the second offense is within a 24-hour window. A third offense shall receive a harsher 12-hour lockout.

Following these changes, do you think the new penalties for those who will dodge ranked games will benefit the game?

tyler1 screams as loud as he can - YouTube

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