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Jamill Resumes Regular Content; ‘Scripted’ Break-up a Success?

Dethan Dario

Everything seems so scripted. The timing, the people involved, the story, all done perfectly.

MORE TROUBLE? New complainants against JaMill surface on Raffy Tulfo's show  – Manila Bulletin

YouTuber couple Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat of Jamille have resumed their regular content creation following big issues including Jayzam’s cheating and scamming of two separate people.

The latest vlog uploaded in their channel entitled “BAGONG SIMULA” (NEW START) earned a 2.8 million views in just 21 hours.

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It seems that people saying that the issues that involved the couple, especially Jayzam, were all scripted for clout are true.

Before the Jayzam’s issues, the couple’s regular viewership in their channel were normally around 200-600k views weeks in.

Following their “cheating” scandal, the couple took their issues to the next level after alleged victims took themselves to “Raffy Tulfo in Action” whose YouTube channel boasts of a nearly 20 Million YouTube subs.

Their appearance in the said show came with multiple episodes — one that seemed irrelevant as people whose names are as big as theirs do not need to shame themselves in front of Tulfo’s viewers whose buy-in in watching the channel are just for petty gossip stories, and hilarious issues.

JAY-SCAM - YouTube

Jamille’s name seemed no longer relevant before their issues started. Other influencers started to become more prominent than theirs which is assumed to be the reason why the couple have presumably instigated issues on their own to stay relevant.

Do you think Jamille have planned everything that happened to them for clout?

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